To the editor:

In reference to the current mold problems in a significant number of Alamance-Burlington schools, one thing I wanted to share. Our daughter went to a private college in S.C. years ago. In her second year she was placed in a dorm with mold (even behind her bookcase above her bed). In three short months she was having trouble breathing and catching her breath. Luckily we were able to get her out of that dorm by Thanksgiving and into a safer dorm. However, she developed a mold allergy (which she never had before) and asthma from mold. With only an inhaler to help, she now has a lifelong health condition she has to live with. I sure hope the children, teachers, staff and administrators will be more fortunate. Whether the problems resulted from recklessness, a cost savings, or total neglect, everyone in those schools deserves better. And I hope it won't be a recurring situation if mold is in the HVAC ductwork. Regardless, the cause has to be addressed first, followed by ongoing maintenance. Good luck.