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Letter: Looking forward to the Fourth

July 4th is here and I’ve been looking forward to it!

I’ve loved it since I was a child. I remember going out to see the fireworks with my Dad, brothers, and sisters. There is no age limit to enjoying them. I will never forget flying over several states and seeing them over and over in the air. What a joy! I wonder where I’ll see them this year?

A few years ago, we laid out on the grass and blankets as they exploded over our heads and rained down on us.

What an experience! We felt as though we were a part of each one. We also guessed which color would be next and felt that we were little kids again. I always feel like I’m a child again on the fourth.

I love a great parade, too. I used to be a drum majorette in high school. Every time I threw it to the sky, I prayed I would be able to catch it. As it spun around, I felt that I needed a little magic so I could catch it. And I felt that if I did, the magic was there.

I also love wearing red, white, and blue. Being patriotic has always been important to me!

Nancy Stoppelkamp, Graham