Road Lengthkm66
Road CategoryI-a
Speed Limitkm/h150
Number of Lanes  
a. Section 0-55 & Section 570-660 4
b. Section 55-570 6
Lane WidthmMar.75
Road Shoulder WidthmMar.75
Hard Part Road Shoulder WidthmŞub.50
Width of Medianm6.00
Width of Safety  Stripm1.00
Carriageway Width  
a. with 4 lanesm4 x 3.75
b. with 6 lanesm6 x 3.75
Width of Pavement  
a. with 4 lanesm22.00
b. with 6 lanesm29.50
Width of Roadbed  
a. With 4 lanesm28.50
b. with 6 lanesm36.00