Makyol is among the leading firms in Turkey with operations in heavy construction, infrastructure, commercial real estate, housing development and tourism investments with over 50 years of experience. Makyol’s project portfolio has given it an enviable reputation in the construction of highway and roads, metros, tunnels, airports, ports, and tourism facilities both locally and internationally. The company’s notable projects include the investment, construction and operation of 433 km Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway including İzmit Bay Crossing (4th longest suspension bridge in the World)-Turkey, Blacksea Coastal Highway, Erbil International Airport-Iraq, Baku By-Pass Highway-Azerbaijan, Oran Port Coastal Highway-Algeria, Batinah Coastal Road-Oman, Ovit Tunnel (3rd longest tunnel in Europe)-Turkey and Antalya Light Rail 2nd and 3rd Stage-Turkey and remarkable size Metro projects in Istanbul. In addition to being highly experienced in the heavy construction and infrastructure space, Makyol has significant relevance with Concession projects. Makyol is currently working in Turkey, Morocco, Algeria , Iraq and expecting to start mobilization in Kuwait.